Men can easily blow their dating opportunities if they aren`t careful. If you will look for the green lights you will get the perfect girl for you. If you don`t see these green lights you will sabotage your own success. This is why you need to be really careful when engaging into a relationship.

You should always approach women who make eye contact with you. When a woman makes eye contact with you it means that she is potentially single and she is looking for guys. If a woman looks at you and smiles she probably isn`t just polite. She will usually give you an approach invitation.

It is really easy to get a girls number. Most guys don`t go for this number and they are left with nothing after a long conversation with a girl. You should always try to go for that girl`s number. You don`t need to make the best impression. She will only need a normal dude that she potentially have fun with.

Insecure guys need to prove their worth to women. They protect themselves by pretending to be unavailable. They think that they will seem more valuable and less needy. Faking disinterest isn`t a good thing for you. You shouldn`t do this because you will only appear more needy. If a woman likes you she will like talking with you. By being cold over text she will think that you are not really interested. You should respond within 4 hours of getting a text from a girl.

You shouldn`t be talking with her on the phone for weeks or months. Delaying a woman will only frustrate and bored her. In the end she will find someone that is serious of moving forwards with her. You will get ignored or become the friendly guy who seeks attention.

You shouldn`t be chatting with girls from online dating for too long. Women are on online dating apps especially for meeting up with guys. They aren`t there to cyber about this. The girl want to meet up with you if she decides to respond. She thinks that you are a potential mate.

Another thing that usually blows a chance to be with a girl is going for a kiss. When you are on a date, you should realize that she is with you because she sees you as a potential mate. She knows that you find her attractive and she`s expecting you to go for a kiss.


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